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ViruAssessment is a utility designed to compliment your existing Antivirus Solution package. What s unique about this utility is how it can aid in the recovery of many fast moving viruses. ViruAssessment LAN Scanner detects the minute traces a virus leaves behind in your system s registry. By looking for the signs of a virus s activity in the registry of all you domain computers ViruAssessment can compile a list of infected systems very fast. In about 45 minutes you can scan 2000 systems. Once scanning is complete you have the opportunity to dump the scan results directly to Microsoft Excel 97, 2000, or XP versions. This allows you to dedicate your resources to systems needing immediate attention, with out wasting time blindly looking over each and every system in your domain. ViruAssessment LAN Scanner is database driven, so future viruses can easily be added to its database. This also allows you to target specific viruses you have been encountering. The database has two types of tables in it allowing you to simply test for the existence of a specific value in the registry, or to query a value and test it for specific data. This makes ViruAssessment much more adaptable to a wider variation of viruses. Future version will also allow for scanning remote win.ini, System.ini, and other start-up files as well as general virus related files. Targeting them specifically so as not to slow things down with full HD scans, which your current AV package already performs.

Systems: Windows

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